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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


All of our staff are professionally trained, insured, helpful, responsible and dedicated to providing "Infinitely Superior Service" to all of our clients day in and day out, year after year. Below are a few of our dedicated professionals.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to insure that all of our clients receive "Infinitely Superior Service" whether they chose a one time special service or they chose customized regular cleaning of their facility. 100% customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at Infinity. We strive to develope a professional relationship with all of our clients. We want to be your janitorial service provider. We want to be the vendor that you recommend to all your friends and colleagues.  

Ana Traitel


Mario Pinto 


Ana and Mario have 40+ years of janitorial experience combined.They are both very involved in the day to day operations. Mario is a master floor technician.They are dedicated to providing all our clients with "Infinitely Superior Service" by insuring all of our staff are properly trained for the services they provide to our clients and that all services provided to our clients are "Infinitely Superior" to those provided by our competitors .

Melissa Monterde

Office Director/Quality Assurance

Melissa has 20+ years of janitorial experience. She is dedicated to providing all our clients with "Infinitely Superior Service" by insuring all of our clients are receiving "Superior Service". She makes sure to rapidly respond  to any issues and insures correction is made in an expedient manner. She also keeps our office running smoothly.  

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